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Divorce and family law issues are often complex and emotional which is why you need a compassionate, experienced law firm on your side. Troy Legal, founded in 2009, serves clients throughout South Florida representing them in all areas of marital and family law issues. The firm is dedicated to serving clients through compassionate and aggressive representation, while upholding the highest degree of ethical standards.

This approach has earned us numerous awards and top ratings amongst the most prestigious law review peer directories. We apply these award-winning skills and expertise to all our client cases, along with personalized attention, to delivery for YOU!

At Troy Legal your case is our immediate priority; we can assist you with a wide variety of divorce matters, including:

Dissolution of Marriage

If you elect to file for divorce, your attorney will file a petition to dissolve the marriage, thus requesting certain relief from the court. Specific relief may include but is not limited to: a simple dissolution of marriage, a request to divide property, and potentially awarded alimony, child support, timesharing, and attorney’s fees. Learn More

Post-Judgment Modifications

Unfortunately, there are times when a divorce does not end upon the entry of a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. No matter how hard the parties and lawyers work to resolve a case that is in the best interests of the parties, life after divorce may interfere with that settlement.

A post-judgment modification can often be as contentious as the original divorce. It is important to consult with an attorney to understand your rights and navigate this difficult area of the law. Learn More

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is commonly alleged in divorce cases by one side or both in the form of spousal abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, and other forms of violence. In some cases, the allegations are just that but in other cases the violence is real. At Troy Legal we take these elements of family law very seriously and factor them into any child custody and visitation orders to ensure the safety of our clients and their family.

Child Support Modifications and Enforcement

The courts determine child support based upon the current financial situation of the family at the time of judgement based upon the finances of both parties, the number of children involved and other factors. These factors can change over time and, when substantial in nature, the law allows the courts to revisit the consideration of a modification. At Troy Legal we often represent both child support obligators and recipients on child support modification and enforcement issues. We work with our clients to present a comprehensive case to deliver an outcome that provides for the need for you and your child(ren).


Alimony is one of the most contentious, as well one of the most important, aspects of any divorce. When determining the duration and the form of alimony, the courts consider a marriage of 0-7 years to be “short term”, 7-17 years to be “mid-term” and 17 years + to be long term. There are several different types of alimony including, but not limited to temporary alimony, bridge the gap alimony, lump sum alimony, rehabilitative alimony, durational alimony and permanent periodic alimony. Learn More

Parenting Issues (Timesharing / Parenting Plans)

When a divorce involving children one of the most important aspects of the settlement is a fair parenting plan that ensure the best result for both parents and most importantly the children involved. The family law attorneys at Troy Legal take the goals and wishes of our clients into consideration when working towards negotiating the best parenting plan and custody agreement possible.

At Troy Legal our experienced attorneys handle all forms of parenting issues including custody, parent alienation, parenting relocation and more. If both parties cannot come to a fair parenting plan, we will guide you through mediation or represent your interests at trial; whichever is necessary.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are highly technical and detailed documents that require a qualified attorney to review and draft. One simple mistake in the drafting of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may render the entire agreement invalid. It is important to consult with a qualified professional in order to ensure your rights are sufficiently protected. Learn More

Post-Judgement Modification

At Troy Legal we handle all facets of post-judgement modifications. It is quite common after a divorce settlement to undergo modifications as life circumstances change. The most common post-judgement modifications include child custody and parenting plans, alimony or spousal support as well as child support. Our attorneys will perform a thorough review of your case and represent you to receive the best modification possible for your needs.

Mediation, Settlement & Negotiation

Mediation is a confidential, win-win approach to dispute resolution that helps the participants reach their own decisions in a fair, sensible and cost-effective manner. For example, in divorce mediation, the divorcing husband and wife are the decision makers. The divorcing couple, through a series of mediation sessions with attorney Samuel R. Troy, Esq., reaches their own agreements settling such issues as timesharing, child support, spousal support (alimony) and the division of property. Learn More


Paternity actions typically come in one of two ways; the man is requesting a DNA test to prove his parental rights or a woman is requesting a DNA test to prove the identity of the father in question. The experienced attorneys at Troy Legal will guide you through the paternity action process to establish paternity along with all of the rights you are entitled to.

Same-sex Divorce

Florida recently began to recognize the rights of same sex couples to marry, divorce and adopt children. With this long overdue progressive step by the State of Florida, same sex couples are now subject to the same rights and the same laws as the rest of the people who live in this State. Since the change in the laws, our firm has represented same sex individuals and couples in various matters including; divorce as well as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Learn More


At Troy Legal, P.A. we will prepare and review court documents that are needed to transfer pension plan benefits and retirement accounts from one spouse to the other because of a divorce. This specific type of court document is commonly referred to as a QDRO. “QDRO” is an abbreviation for “qualified domestic relations order.” For a flat fee in most cases, our firm prepares the QDRO, receives approval from the plan administrator for your attorney to file the QDRO with the court and obtains acknowledgment from the pension plan administrator that the QDRO will be properly implemented. Learn More

High Net Worth & Complex Divorce Litigation

Divorce itself is a very complex process; however, when there is a number of high net worth assets involved either on one side or both, complications in the process typically arise. At Troy Legal, our experienced attorneys will walk you through the assessment of premarital assets as well as assets acquired during the marriage to determine the proper allocation of assets. Our attorneys provide exceptional advice and personalized attention to maximize protection to your premarital assets and provide a far settlement of marital assets for our clients.


As experienced South Florida family law attorneys, we have an understanding of Florida family courts and the requirements and details that proceedings here demand.


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Troy Legal, P.A. was founded in 2009 and serves clients throughout South Florida. Troy Legal, P.A., is dedicated to serving clients through compassionate and aggressive representation, while upholding the highest degree of ethical standards.

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