What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, win-win approach to dispute resolution that helps the participants reach their own decisions in a fair, sensible and cost-effective manner. For example, in divorce mediation, the divorcing husband and wife are the decision makers. The divorcing couple, through a series of mediation sessions with attorney Samuel R. Troy, Esq., reaches their own agreements settling such issues as timesharing, child support, spousal support (alimony) and the division of property.

Why Mediate?

In mediation, you keep full control of the outcome. We facilitate the discussion, keep certain ground rules in place, and provide legal information. Once an agreement is reached that is fair to both of you, the Firm will draft legal documents that memorialize your agreement.
Mediation helps preserve a working relationship with your spouse. While you and your spouse will no longer be married, you will always be the parents to your children. Mediation makes it less likely your relationship will suffer a total and complete breakdown, and makes it more likely you will be able to work together to co-parent well into the future. Mediation is also much more cost efficient and less time consuming than traditional divorce litigation.

By mediating such issues as timesharing, child support, spousal support, property division, debt allocation, and retirement funds, you not only actively participate in securing your future, you control it because you decide, along with your soon to be ex-spouse, how you will handle these matters.
All discussions during mediation are confidential and privileged. Generally, the mediator may not be compelled to testify as to any statements made by either party during the mediation process.
With the speed, confidentiality, and reduced costs of mediation, the divorce process is smoother and less likely to negatively impact your children. In mediation, you can try out various parenting plans to see if they work for you and your children before committing them to a formal, binding order of Court. Mediation allows you to put your children's health, education, and welfare first.

By mediating with an experienced family law attorney, you will be advised of your rights under Florida law. Once you understand what the law provides, you will be able to make a knowing and voluntary decision about how you want to proceed.

Please contact our office to set up an appointment with Mr. Troy for mediation, or use our convenient online scheduler below in order to set up a time. Prior to coming in for mediation our office will contact you with information we will need to conduct a successful and worthwhile mediation.