Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a legal process enabling couples who have decided to separate or end their marriage to work with their lawyers as well as other third party professionals to bring about a peaceful resolution to their case without the use of the court system. Families choose the collaborative process in order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and to achieve a settlement that best meets their specific needs without the threat of litigation. In order to engage in this process the parties must sign a “collaborative agreement” binding each other to the process and pledging not to seek court intervention. After signing the agreement, the parties may decide if they want to engage the assistance of other third party professionals, including mental health professionals, financial planners and mediators to help ensure the success of their case. If the process breaks down, the collaborative agreement requires the parties to terminate their lawyers and hire new lawyers to engage in litigation. The collaborative process has an extremely high success rate, especially when the proper professionals are engaged. It is essential to engage a certified collaborative lawyer to ensure the greatest likelihood of success. Mr. Troy was certified in collaborative law in 2010 and has successfully represented parties in the process. For more information on collaborative law, be sure to consult with a certified professional.