• Avoid these Missteps in Family Court

    Family Court, a division of Circuit Court, handles domestic cases including divorce, child custody and time-sharing, child support, alimony, adoptions, and domestic violence in Florida.


    If you are involved in a legal case in Florida Family Court, follow the tips below to avoid making common blunders that could cost you greatly!


    • Answer Truthfully

    You may want to put yourself in a positive light in a family law case to appear as the perfect parent.  Think twice!  No parent is perfect!  Lying in court, even about something of minor importance, could damage your case.  In addition, lying once in court may taint any and all future cases. 


    • Watch Your Tongue

    As easy as it may be to vent to children about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, do not do it!  Badmouthing your spouse to your children can not only confuse and hurt children, but it can also end up hurting your current and potential future cases related to divorce, child custody or time-sharing, and other related issues.  The same holds true for posting criticism and angry remarks on social media or the internet.  Steer clear of badmouthing. 


    • Obey the Rules

    The court may decide on an arrangement with which you disagree.  However, you must follow the court order, or you can invalidate any possibility you have of getting what you seek in a family court case.  Along these lines, denying the other parent access to the child/children without a compelling reason can result in very serious consequences, even kidnapping charges.  And, it goes without saying that you must follow all national, state, and local laws, whether related to the legal case or not.  Breaking a law can infer that you are a danger to others and can quash your chances in court. 


    • Keep Emotions in Check

    The types of cases handled under the jurisdiction of Family Court frequently produce strong emotions, causing many people to lose their cool in the courtroom.  Do your best to remain calm and avoid confrontation in the courtroom.  Refrain from yelling or acting out in any way.  If you escalate an argument or engage in any type of threats or physical violence in the courtroom, you can be assured that you will damage your case.


    • Focus on the Children

    In Family Court, the court will ultimately rule in favor of the solution that is in the best interests of the child/children.  If you are in a custody battle, stop thinking about what you want and start thinking about what is ideal for the child/children.  Put the kids first and determine what is best for them, letting go of bias against your soon-to-be ex-spouse.


    If you are ready to start the process of divorce, child custody or time-sharing, alimony, or adoption, our experienced attorneys can guide you through the key questions to help you determine how to proceed.  Our compassionate attorneys provide private complementary consultations.  For more information, contact us at Troy Legal, (888) 879-7578.  


    Troy Legal, P.A. was founded in 2009 and serves clients throughout South Florida. Troy Legal, P.A., specializes in Marital and Family Law, providing reputable legal services for prenuptial and co-habitation agreements, paternity cases, adoption matters, alimony and child support, time sharing and parenting plans, drafting of qualified domestic relations orders (qdros), mediation services, equitable distributions, collaborative law, post-judgement modification and enforcement, domestic violence cases, and dissolution of marriage or divorce.  Troy Legal, P.is dedicated to serving clients through compassionate and aggressive representation, while upholding the highest degree of ethical standards.

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