• Divorce Myth #1: Hiring an Attorney: “I need a bulldog!”

    The need for a “bulldog” is something we hear a lot in family law; things like “I want him/ her to suffer”, “I want more than the law will give me”.  Be very careful what you wish for.  When you hire that “bulldog”, make sure you know how much more you will pay that lawyer to  fight with the other side, including,  back and forth emails, letters, phone calls, numerous motions and extensive discovery.  Make sure you understand that you will be charged for ALL communication.  Also understand how much each filed motion and that trip to the courthouse will cost you and your family. Overall,  be sure what the lawyer is doing is worth the time and effort or you may deplete the majority of your assets fighting with your spouse.  If you decide to go down this road with a “bulldog”,  be prepared for conflict that may last  a lifetime and the damage it will cause to your children along the way.

    Most cases can be handled cooperatively and will achieve the same, if not better, results than through the use of high conflict litigation.  Much of what happens in divorce, from a financial perspective, boils down to a business decision.  If you let emotion cloud your judgment, or let a lawyer influence you to do something that does not need to be done, it could cost your family tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary attorney’s fees.   We recognize that when it comes to children, it is much more of an emotional process. It is important to remember however, that your behavior during a divorce can set a positive or negative example for the children.  We will ensure your children are treated as the most important part of this process.

    Always be aware of the long term emotional and financial impact of divorce may have on you and your family when you are deciding between hiring the “bulldog” lawyer, or the right lawyer.


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