• High Cost of Attorney’s Fees in Divorce

    It is being reported that Dwyane Wade’s divorce may be costing him in excess of 10 million dollars https://goo.gl/Fzeiiq.  While this is of course very rare, it is an example of how attorney’s fees can get out of control when emotions run high in a divorce case.

    When choosing an attorney, a client must first understand their own financial limitations.  Not everybody can afford the most expensive attorney in town and not everybody can afford to litigate their divorce case at the same level as a high profile celebrity.  Some individuals also may need to consider that the law requires the higher earning spouse to contribute to the non-earning spouses attorney’s fees.  In certain cases that means one party is paying for two attorneys.

    Do not be afraid to ask your lawyer how much it will cost to file a certain motion, or to go to court.  You will find that many issues are simply not worth it financially or worth the stress of appearing in front of a judge.  Most people going through a divorce are spending money they worked hard to accumulate over the course of several years.  Some people are simply paying for the divorce by increasing their debt.  Either way, the more you fight, the less there will be for the family.  So before you go looking for the “bulldog” attorney, or go rushing into court…  think about how much it will cost you and your family.

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